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Private Capital 
for growth investments

Maranello Capital

Maranello Capital Pty Ltd is an Australian, privately-owned investment vehicle which manages a diverse range of investments across:

  • Privately owned businesses, both control and minority holdings

  • Publicly listed corporations

  • Commercial and residential real estate

  • Private equity and venture capital

  • Listed and unlisted investment funds

Patient, Long Term Investing 

Sunset Sailboats

Why Maranello Capital?



We invest across all types of assets and industry sectors

Long term


"Our Favorite Holding

Period Is Forever." (W. Buffett)



Robust but timely evaluation of investment opportunities



Track record as owners, directors and managers of businesses



We partner with owners, co-investors, funds, family offices



We harness compound growth
to build stakeholder wealth

Business Meeting

Contact Us

Do you have an investment opportunity for Maranello Capital?

Would you like to collaborate or partner with us?

Please send us an email on:

Alternatively, you can reach us via the contact form:

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